42 million sites and counting

Over 42 million WP sites have already chosen the famous tagline “Just Another WordPress Site” (or JAWPS™)- why not you? Maybe because 42 million is just enough? There are 2 options: leave this tagline as is by default after you install your WordPress site, or change it to something else. The advantage of the first …

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Showcase – Gr8 Services Marketing and Advertising Agency

Gr8 Services Marketing and Advertising Agency Dubai is offering the full spectrum of digital marketing services – web design, web development, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and more. Agency of WSI, the world’s oldest and largest digital marketing network with 1,000+ offices in 80+ countries. Home

Working with Classic Editor for a clean and fast website

Page builders have been designed for amateurs playing around with their first and only blog design, full of useless animations and distracting flashy effects. Most of the time, they get ugly results by breaking the initial layout of the theme they are using and a bloated site that loads slowly and keeps visitors away. The …

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Converting your dynamic WP site to a static HTML version for presentations

When presenting a site to an audience, for instance your client and his staff when you just finished the brand new version of his site, you are subject of external disruptions, like power cuts, server down time or simply lack of available network for connecting to the host where your files are stored. Converting your …

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Password Protect Your Site

When working on a new project or when an existing WordPress site is getting a new design, you might want to keep it hidden from public eyes while working on it and, at the same time, keep it accessible for some visitors and yourself as admin. A maintenance plugin might be a good solution in …

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Replace Existing Media Files

Images are adding up to your WordPress Media Library and uploads folder year after year until, one day, you realize that the filenames that were used were not exactly the best for SEO. Especially if you allowed your client or visitors to upload their own! A first glimpse at your Media Library will only show …

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Reset Your Website

Are you tired of your old boring website? Or did you mess everything up when starting a new one? Or maybe your site got hacked with an ugly pirate flag at homepage and you simply have no updates to recover? Then, just RESET your WordPress website with this great free plugin: WP RESET – Best …

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