42 million sites and counting

Over 42 million WP sites have already chosen the famous tagline “Just Another WordPress Site” (or JAWPS™)- why not you?

Maybe because 42 million is just enough?

There are 2 options:

  1. leave this tagline as is by default after you install your WordPress site, or
  2. change it to something else.

The advantage of the first option is to be part of the Hyper Hype Club “Just Another WordPress Site” (JAWPS™) and be proud of using WP, while the second option offers more options for standing out of the crowd.

For instance, you can replace this tagline with something like:

Not Just Another WordPress Site

More Than Just Another WordPress Site

Another Site Just With WordPress

For changing this tagline, just head to Settings in your WP Dashboard and edit this line:

But, wait, what’s a tagline in fact?

A tagline is a short statement similar to a subtitle or slogan, often placed right underneath the site’s title and it works as a brief description of what your site is about.

Is your site really “Just Another WordPress Site” ( JAWPS™) or something else?

Now, you can submit your own “Just Another WordPress Site” here and it will be published in our ever growing list of great WP sites!

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